Features of the Order Up! System

Order Up! provides you with everything you need to let your customers order your product online.

  • Accept payments online, COD or in-store (get paid daily!)
  • Add a delivery fee per suburb if required
  • Orders received will automatically print to the printer
  • Display product photos for each menu item
  • Customers can order from an mobile, tablet or pc
  • Edit menus, categories and pricing in real time
  • Display your menu and prices online
  • Create special deals i.e. lunch specials or pick-up offers
  • Specify operating hours for online orders
  • Create promotional coupon/discount codes
  • Orders can be pre-ordered for a later date/time if required
  • Hide unavailable products for pickup/delivery
  • Offer customers the choice of eat-in/pick-up/delivery
  • Receive backup orders to your email account
  • Display the estimated preparation time for online orders
  • Detailed statistics including daily sales totals and more
  • Setup multiple stores and control them all from one system
  • iPhone and Mobile friendly admin control panel
  • Setup your delivery zones by suburb
  • No point of sale system is required
  • Charge for extras, such as toppings or fillings

Customer Management

  • Build a customer database for marketing purposes
  • Get customers to return to your site directly
  • Customers can login to re-order or view past orders
  • Customers are automatically registered after the first order
  • An email confirmation is sent when the order has printed
  • Regular backup of the online ordering system & database
  • 100% managed, hosted and supported in Australia


The benefits to your business by introducing the Order up! online ordering system.
  • Get Paid Daily!

    Charge your customers directly using your own online merchant account. Order Up! does not process or hold onto your hard earned money.

  • Promote Your Brand

    Why promote third party online ordering websites when you can invest in your own brand? Don’t risk losing customers to your competitors, Order Up! is an independent system that runs behind your own brand.

  • Control Your Menu & Settings

    Our online ordering system allows you to easily edit your menu, store settings, categories and pricing which will instantly appear on your website and mobile site.

  • Reporting/Statistics

    Our detailed reports will allow you to view past orders, sales figures, coupon redemption’s and even map where your customers are located. Order Up! will also send you these statistics weekly. Custom reporting is also available.

  • Handle Busy Periods

    Set cut-off time for pre-orders so that they can be prepared and ready for pickup/delivery within a certain time period. Pause your online ordering when you become too busy in-store.

  • Marketing & Social Media

    Build an effective marketing database, which stores the customers details, email addresses and phone numbers, allowing you to create targeted marketing campaigns. Use Facebook and Twitter to constantly engage with your customers online.

The benefits of Order Up! for your customers that will drive sales and loyalty for your business.
  • Increase Sales & Loyalty

    Customers who order online tend to order more because they have a menu in front of them and because they don’t feel rushed while purchasing, as they often do over the phone.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Your customers have easy online access, so now they can order at the click of a mouse. Our online ordering system leads to higher retention, therefore increases profit.

  • Office Catering

    Online Ordering provides the perfect solution for office lunch orders. Orders can be collected around the office and one person can enter the orders into your website without the hassle of calling it in.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your customers can order from anywhere using any smart mobile device, be it iPhone or Android. You can also control your online ordering system through the mobile version of the admin panel.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Reach more customers by having a website and offering an online ordering facility. An online presence and convenience of ordering online will attract more customers.

  • Order Accuracy

    By enabling customers to take control of the order process the accuracy of orders increases, saving you time and money. Orders arrive exactly how your customers want them!

Fast Facts
Order Up! specialises in providing its vendors with custom solutions