Order Up! for Butchers

Online ordering improves your customer service levels to help you compete with the majors
To stay viable against the major supermarkets, independent butchers need to be smart business people as well as skilled butchers. Now you can stay ahead of the big guys with an online ordering system that helps you grow your business through improved order management.
Online ordering with Order Up! helps butchers to:
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Cut administration time to free you up for custom butchery tasks and the all-important interpersonal contact with walk-in customers
  • Build order volumes through automatic printing of orders
  • Take pre-orders leading up to peak sale periods e.g Easter and Christmas
  • Receive online payments directly into your bank account
  • Allow for pick up or delivery
  • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
  • Plan your staff time more efficiency knowing what orders you have on hand at any time
  • Add specials
  • Create promotional discount codes
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Unique Features for butcher shops

Customise your site exactly how you want it.
Sell meat by the quarter kilo, half kilo or full kilo.
Specify the cut, the shape, and size.
The options are endless.
Interested in taking control of your online ordering system?