Door Dash Drive

Drivers On Demand

You can now have your own delivery orders picked up by Door Dash "Dashers"

Order Up has teamed up with logistics company Door Dash Drive. This means you now get the power of on-demand drivers without the market place commission fees, coupled with your own Order Up Online Ordering Platform.

Reach more customers up to 9km away using on-demand drivers

With Covid-19 still affecting hospitality businesses around the country, we all know that delivery is booming. Doing delivery yourself can be daunting and organising drivers, vehicles and insurance can be a major deterrent. With Door Dash Drive, all you do is turn on the integration with your Order Up platform and your own delivery orders will be sent to Door Dash for driver dispatch.

  • Flat rate delivery fees start at $10.99 (First 3km)
  • Add the power of on-demand drivers to your business
  • Allow your customers to track your orders to their door

How Door Dash Drive & Order Up Work

We have integrated the Order Up online ordering platform into Door Dash Drive to ensure you don't need to worry about anything other than making more orders! The Driver will come and pick it up just like a normal delivery order and without the large commissions!

Step 1

Order Placed

A customer places an order and pays via your Order Up online ordering system.

Step 2

Driver Dispatch

Order Up sends the order to Door Dash so they can send a driver to pick up the order from your restaurant.

Step 3

Order Pick Up

The Driver Picks up the order from your restaurant, and the customer will receive an SMS from Door Dash to track the order.

Step 4

Delivery Complete

The Driver delivers the order and the customer receieves another SMS confirming the Order is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Door Dash Drive charge a flat rate instead of a commission on Door Dash Drive orders. So when you send an order via Door Dash Drive, the fees are as follows:

The first 3km is only $10.99, and then $1 for every extra KM after that.

In Order Up you can setup multiple zones so the system will charge the customer based on their distance from your venue.

Have more questions? Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Do I pay Commissions on these deliveries?

No. You pay a flat fee for each delivery. You also still pay the normal Order Up fees.

Can I still use my own drivers?

No. When you activate Door Dash Drive, all online delivery orders are dispatched to Door Dash. If you want to use your own drivers, we would have to deactivate your integration. It can always be turned back on at a later stage.

I want it this for my business, what do I do next?

If you are an existing Order Up customer, just let us know via support or call us on 1300 558 068 and our success team will start the process for you. If you are a new customer or want to learn more before joining Order Up, please contact us via the phone number above or our contact page.