Order Up! for Clubs & Bistros

Online ordering helps you plan for future success
Licensed clubs and bistros must face the challenges posed by an uncertain economy and regulatory costs to remain profitable. Online ordering with Order Up! helps operators of clubs and bistros to improve order management which frees them to spend more time on long-term business planning and marketing.
Order Up! for Clubs & Bistros helps RSLs, Community clubs and Bistros to:
  • Reduce queues by allowing customers to pre-order from a tablet or mobile phone
  • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
  • Easily update and manage your menu online
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Unique Features for

Clubs and Bistros

Get rid of annoying dirty buzzers.
No more missed game play for your members.
Diminish long queue lines in your eateries.
Order Up! streamlines the food ordering
process in RSLs, community clubs and bistros.
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