Order Up! for Seafood retailers

Online ordering helps you stay ahead of competition with improved order management
Ecological factors and fishing restrictions continue to push up the kilogram price of seafood for consumers, reducing the profitability of seafood retailers. To succeed retailers must provide value-add to their walk-in customers. Online ordering with Order Up! helps seafood retailers to improve internal efficiencies freeing them to spend more face-to-face time with their customers and provide innovative product offerings to customers.
Order Up! allows seafood retailers to:
  • Print orders automatically  as soon as they are received
  • Take pre-orders leading up to peak sale periods e.g Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve
  • Receive online payments directly into your bank account
  • Offer customers the option of pick up or delivery at time of order
  • Build a database of customer data for future marketing
  • Prepare your seafood orders for pickup which frees up staff to serve walk-in customers.
  • Add specials
  • Create promotional discount codes
  • Easily add new product line such as hot, cooked seafood
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Unique Features for Seafood Shop

As a supplier, offer your regular
customers the option to be pay
on account or pay C.O.D.
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